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Innovative multifunctional ground resistance tester ЦС4107 with digital readout

Automatic measuring range selection,

Automatic calculation of specific resistivity of the ground.




Ground resistance testers ЦС4107 is designed to measure current spreading resistance of grounding devices, determining specific soil resistivity with automatic calculation of its value, the measurement of resistance of conductors of the ground part of the grounding device.







  • The display of measurement results - Alphanumeric on the LCD display with the backlight (hereinafter - the LCD display).
  • The measuring range - from 10 mΩ to 20 kΩ.
  • Valid values for the measured resistance of the electrode resistance Rизм are shown in Table 1.1 RП1, RП2 - the resistance of potential electrodes RТ1, RТ2 - the resistance of current electrodes).


Measured resistanceThe acceptable range of resistance of electrodes
RП2 or sum (RП1 + RП2)RТ2 or sum (RТ1 + RТ2)
10 mΩ – 1 Ω 0 – 5 kΩ 0 – 1000·Rизм but not more than 50 kΩ
1,001 Ω – 20 kΩ 0 – 50 kΩ


  • The voltage of the measuring current on current clamp meter is not more than 36 V of rms value. The circuit current of the measured resistance is not more than 350 mA.
  • The frequency of the measuring current is (128 ± 6) Hz.
  • The ambient temperature of operating conditions of the meter application from -10 ° C to + 55 ° C.
  • The power supply of the tester is eight Ni-MH AA size batteries, voltage 1,2 V, with the minimum capacity of 2 A/h.
  • The current consumption of the battery is not more than 1.0 A.
  • The operation mode of the setup time - immediately after switching on.
  • The tester allows:
    • charging the battery from the AC power adapter or vehicle electrical system via the cigarette lighter socket;
    • an indication of the process and the battery charge level;
    • automatic shutdown in the range of (90 - 120)s after the end of work;
    • storing in a memory the results of 50 previous measurements;
    • automatic disconnection from the power supply when the battery voltage drops below 8,8 V;
    • indication: having a side voltage potential at the terminals of more than 7 V; exceeding the allowable resistance of the electrodes;
    • the automatic selection of the units;
    • the automatic calculation of the resistivity of the ground.
  • The tester accuracy class - 2,5 according to GOST (ГОСТ) 8.401.
  • Limits of basic relative errors are ± 2.5 % of the measured value.
  • The operation mode - intermittent, measuring up to 1 min, the break before restarting is not limited.
  • The supply package of the ground resistance tester ЦС4107:
    • the ground resistance tester ЦС4107 - 1 pc.
    • a bag - 1 pc.
    • a strap - 1 pc.
    • Battery 1.2 V, size AA - 8 pc.
    • a power supply 12 V, 0.7 A - 1 pc.
    • a car adapter - 1 pc.
    • a clamp - 1 pc.
    • a conductor - 1 pc.
    • a tip - 3 pc.
    • operating instructions - 1 pc.
  • The tester can be used with complete accessories П4126М2, that comes to individual order on ТУ25-04-1328-76.
  • Overall dimensions of the tester are 230 mm x 140 mm x 58 mm.
  • The weight, kg, not more:
    • of a tester with batteries - 1;
    • of a power supply - 0,3.
  • The norm of mean time between tester failures - 10,000 hours.
  • The average life of the tester is 10 years.


Download Operation manual



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